I’m a self-taught engineer or a hacker, depending on the question you ask; I love to solve problems of different sorts, coach, mentor, and guide; with almost 20 years of experience in 2022, I’d like to offer the perspective, knowledge, and expertise to those who’d like to tap into it.

Working with Humans Not Robots, I can help with the soft skills side of your career and interview preparation, including improvements to your CV, along with Quality Engineering, IT Career Guidance, and Leadership Coaching. Furthermore, I offer Mentorships and Coaching for neurodivergent people, especially for those who are part of the ADHD tribe and the Autistic Spectrum Disorder tribe, tribes I belong to.

During the day, I’m passionate about Quality Engineering, Software Development Lifecycle, Product Management, Open Source software, and communities.

If you would like to talk, please send an email, or chat with me on Telegram.